Hyper/Net: MDSoC support for .NET

Earlier this year, I attended the MSc discussion of Tiago Dias, entitled "Hyper/Net: MDSoC support for .NET". The thesis explored Multi-Dimensional Separation of Concerns (MDSoc) for the .NET platform, namely using the C# programming language. The idea is based Hyper/J, a research project abandoned by IBM a couple of years ago. While this may same like a bad start, Tiago's presentation was very good and convincing. Essentially, the MDSoC support is based on .NET's partial classes and some generative programming techniques. This work originated a research paper, with the same name of the dissertation, published in 2006. Also, some of the dissertation's chapters were stripped, as they belong on a possible future PhD thesis. These chapters dealt with the cognitive aspects of the multidimensional separation of concerns.

Until next time, may you enjoy separating concerns, one way or the other.

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